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The Goddess receives πŸ’•

August 21, 2023β€’3 min read

Hello, my Goddess, 

On today's episode, we're going to talk about the goddess receives.


This is a very important pillar of feminine energy. You cannot be feminine without allowing yourself to receive.

One of the biggest complaints that I get as a love dating and relationships coach is that they feel like they don't get enough in their relationships and that the guy doesn't do enough for them. And then, when I do a quick assessment, I realise that these women are not receiving what they want because they are completely in their masculine energy and blocking themselves from receiving.


Remember that episode that I did? The Goddess allows. If you haven't watched that, maybe you should pause this and go, and did I say watch? Sorry.I meant listen to the Goddess allows first and then come back and continue, listening to this episode because it will just help everything to make more sense.


Yes. It's a very common complaint that I've got. And, listen, I did this too. I used to do this as well. So I'm not, you know, pointing fingers. I'm not blaming you. We all have done it because we are not taught to receive. In fact, we are told all the time, who do you think you are to think that you deserve this? And this is why, my loves, I say that:


You are The Goddess.


You really need to get into this mindset. 


Who do you think you are? I am the goddess. Of course, I receive. Of course, I am worthy. of course, I deserve this. 


So the mindset comes first, and I don't blame you if you might get triggered a little bit with this message because, listen, they are male coaches out there, male dating coaches telling women, who do you think you are that you think that you deserve for your guy to pay for you for everything? 


But listen. Who do you think you are? 

Repeat with me:

I am The Goddess. 

I am feminine energy.

I am the gift.

I am the one.

I am the price,


and that's who you are. So you need to let go of the patriarchal way of thinking that the guy is the god, that the guy is the sun,  the guy is the gift. 


He's not. 


You are.


Okay. We're in a different realm now where he's not the belly button of the world.


That's not the kind of man that you want. 


You want a man that really truly sees you as a valuable asset. 

Someone who doesn't see you like an accessory or something that he just attaches himself so that he can get a warm bed every night. If you want a man that truly loves you and who truly sees your worth, Then you need to flip your mindset around and start thinking like the goddess that you are. 


Our mothers never taught us this because this comes from all the generational trauma inflicted by the patriarchy.


How can you receive more in general from life, from dating, from your boyfriends, from your husbands, from everyone?


The first thing that you got to do is Stop giving and press play for more. 🎧

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