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The Goddess dresses for success 💕

August 14, 20232 min read

Hello, Goddess. 

In today's episode, we're gonna talk about the Goddess dresses for success. 

This is a fairly regular complaint that I have got, especially in the comments of my social show media when we talk about dresses and dressing up and all of that; there are like a whole bunch of women that comment in protest saying:

Oh, why do we have to dress up? 

Why is it always us that we have to make the effort? 

And it might feel like it’s just you making the effort,  but if you refuse to make the effort, then why would a guy make the effort for you?

Like attracts like.

We attract who we are. And if you are not a person that takes pride in her appearance. If you are not a person that likes to take care of herself if you are not a person that likes to dress up and look good and respectable and to dress up appropriately for every occasion, then how do you expect to attract a man who does? You do want a man that looks good, that takes care of himself, doesn't look like a mess, takes care of his clothes and looks presentable. You want a guy that shows up and looks like he loves himself, that he takes care of himself.

So why would you not do the same thing? 

And another thing is that people don’t have any problems dressing up for job interviews when they want to get the job, and they have no problem dressing up appropriately for church. 

They don’t have a problem dressing up for a business meeting or going to see a client; 

They don't have a problem dressing up appropriately to do a job? 

Why would you not take care and there's up appropriately to go on a date to meet somebody for the first time? Especially when this date could be your soulmate. 

Don't you wanna look good for your soulmate? 

Don’t you want your soulmate to look good for you? 

We have to begin this process with the right energy, so press play and let's get into it 💕

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