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The Single Mum Goddess 💕

September 11, 20234 min read

Hello Goddesses and welcome to another episode of dating like a goddess. In this episode, we are gonna talk about the goddess protecting her kids. This episode is especially dedicated to all of you single mom goddesses, and it's been triggered because I always see a pattern going through in all of my groups. So I try to pick something for each episode about something that follows the collective pattern of what's going on with all of my girls.



This week there is something that has triggered me to pick this particular issue. 


One of the ladies in my group said: 

“One of the guys that I am dating asked to see me. I told him no. I couldn't see him because I was with my kids for the long weekend, and he said he wanted to meet my kid.”

She wanted to know what were the rules on this subject.( I'm a rules coach) 


So, what do the rules say about him meeting the kids? 

And this is the thing. Never mind what the rules say.



You're a mom, and you're going to you gotta take care of those kids and In today's climate, we, women, have to be extra careful because this week in the news, it came out that after Ashton Kutcher (and Mila Kunis) wrote a character letter to the court, to support their friend Danny Matterson, who has been convicted. For was it 2 counts of rape and This is a man that says that he wants to protect women and children, and this is what he goes on. You can't trust anyone for what they say. You had to trust them for what they do. And in this case, he has shown us who he is. And as a result of this, I have seen a lot of clips where he was younger, and he was doing all these seventies shows, which is how he knows this other guy. He was constantly acting as a predator. And this is something that all people that are/were child stars have in common.



They all have all these traumas from having worked in an industry where they basically didn't have a normal childhood, and they had access to sex, drugs, and alcohol from a very young age. And, obviously, because they were, like, good-looking kids and privileged, not only did they have access to it, but they felt entitled to have access to women (girls). And I could see there were a lot of clips of Ashton perving on fourteen-year-old girls saying, “Oh, we're just waiting for this one to be eighteen to be the age of consent”. “Oh, this fourteen-year-old, she was so hot”. 


So, basically, all of this stuff used to be okay on TV once upon a time, But now that he's done this, all of these clips are coming out, And, you know, the real self is being discovered. Right? 


So my point with this is because I don't watch all of the news, I don't have a vendetta against Ashton Kutcher, of my god. I can't say the name right on the podcast please forgive me. But these were his actions, and this is a man who says he wants to protect children. He says wants to protect women. And the actions don't do that. Only his words do that. So it's really bad. 


And, also, I have been seeing all these clips I heard that he opened this charity because of Demi Moore and stuff. And that Demi Moore is the one that should be the head of this charity or the face of this charity if anything, but for whatever reason, he took over, and she didn’t; maybe she's just too painful for her because she had issues as well. And the thing is that now they are saying, maybe that's why he ended up with Demi because he wanted to end up in her house with her kids.

Maybe he didn't even want Demi at all. Maybe all he wanted was access to her kids. 


That relationship was very unrulesly. He moved in 3 days after meeting her. From what I hear Demi Moore is quite a vulnerable woman. And, yeah, I don't know what happened there. 

If you told me this 2 weeks ago, I would have said, Nahhhhh 

But now, I believe everything.


Ashton Kutcher is one of the good guys. Portrayed as the good guy. 




So with this, I wanna say to you, if you have got kids, do not ever allow the man that you are dating access to any of your kids. 


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