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The Goddess is always right ๐Ÿ’•

September 04, 2023โ€ข3 min read

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Dating Like a Goddess. 


On today's episode, we are gonna talk about The goddess is always right. 


This is a topic that is tricky. I have seen in the spiritual community it can lead to spiritual narcissism. And what do I mean by it? There are a lot of philosophies out there, right, and I'm a big fan of the law of attraction. 


So ask, allow, believe, and receive. Right? 

And the belief part is very important. 


How you get to the belief is down to you, but if you have suffered from childhood trauma, the belief is gonna be a little bit difficult. for you because the coping mechanisms that you created as a child to protect you from your trauma are gonna be the thing that today, as an adult, is going to prevent you from believing that good stuff is possible for you. 


So now we are adults, and for people who don't have any trauma, you tell them, ask, believe, allow and receive is easy, right, because they will get to their belief really easily. Either you're gonna have positive affirmations. You're gonna have repetition. You're gonna have lines. You this is there is it's gonna be very easy for somebody with no trauma to learn the process, right, because It's, well, I've been doing it wrong all my life. Let's learn something new. So, whatever learning method you use to learn history, math, science, literature, and then you can apply that method to learn something new to believe something new in your brain. Right? 


But what happens is that if you have suffered any trauma, little trauma, big trauma. It doesn't matter. Your body has created coping mechanisms. And when you try to learn something, your body is gonna say, Uh-uh. Uh-uh. We're not gonna go in there. 


Remember the last time? We were shamed.

Remember the last time? We were humiliated. 

Remember the last time? We were rejected. 

So your brain is gonna close itself off and go: 


โ€œThe fuck you're gonna make me do that. No fucking way, you fool. We have got all these scars. I've got all this evidence to prove the contrary. So there is nothing that you are gonna make me do to go down that road again.โ€


Your trauma is real and valid. All these thoughts are valid. But, also, we must remember that those things happened. If we are talking about childhood trauma, we are talking about these things that happened to you when you were really little. 

These things happen to you when you have no agency. These things happen to you when you have no escape. These things happen to you when you have no choice. 

So, yes, did they happen to you? Yes. they fucking suck, but no, there's no reason why they should happen again to you as an adult.

Unless you are living in the same household, if, for example, you were a victim of child abuse or physical abuse like I was. It would be still the same. It would be very true. 


My trauma is very real. But as an adult, I have choices, so I can say no more to this and don't go there. Right? So, you have to retrain your brain almost from scratch.


So when I say the goddess is always right, now I've explained this bit about trauma and how it works. Now I feel like I can proceed without because I don't want to gaslight you.


I don't wanna say, Oh,  think positive so positive things will happen to you Because thinking positive alone is not gonna do it. It's not gonna make it work. 


But it doesn't mean that because you have had some trauma in your life, whatโ€™s the point of thinking positively?


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Coach Penny Love

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